Darlene Gate was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1969. She primarily works in acrylic, specializing in large scale pieces. Darlene has an infectious style of juxtaposing drama with peaceful simplicity, using creative brush strokes, colors, and textures that seem to illuminate on the canvas. She is featured in several galleries, public, and private collections. Darlene was born with a holistically intense appreciation for nature which is very evident in her work. She doesn’t put a lot of thought into creating a piece; she simply allows her intuition to guide her towards that which is beautiful and enlightening. Darlene’s paintings live politely on your wall, though they beg to set the tone for the room and be the center of attention.

I love communicating through art. There is such excitement in creating a piece and having people feel through your art. I tend not to recreate the external world perfectly but anchor it with a hint of realism and then fill the canvas with emotion and spirit. There is beauty in everything.